Our Baby's A'Comin!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catch-up Time!

As of yesterday I am officially into the second trimester! My sickness is practically non-existent now, which is good because we are going up to Utah this weekend and I was a little worried about getting car sick. Anyway, I guess you could say I am "showing"...sort of. My pooch has doubled/tripled in size and it is hard to suck in, but it's definitely not the cute baby bump. I'm kind of at the stage where people pass by and I know they are thinking, "wow lay off the donuts!" I'm trying to wear shirts that cover me until the belly rounds out a little more :). Here are some pictures of the ultrasound I had at 11 weeks. It's cool to see that it actually looks like a baby now! It's little arms and legs were movin' all over the place and it was the most amazing thing. Can't wait until I start to feel it!

People keep asking me if I want a boy or a girl, and I honestly don't know, it's weird (however I did ask a magic 8 ball at Walmart the other day and it confirmed I am definitely having a girl). Before I got pregnant I knew all the names I wanted, how many girls and boys and the birth order (ok maybe not the birth order), I had it all figured out. Now that it's real, thinking of names is really difficult! I don't want to just pick a random name that I heard and thought was cute...I haven't even met the kid yet, how am I supposed to know what he/she should be named? I am probably just weird, but there is just a lot of pressure deciding what someone else is going to be called the rest of their life! Maybe we'll hold off on the naming business and give a name as the baby's first Christmas present or something...just kidding of course!

As I finished the first trimester, I also finished my junior year as an Arizona Sun Devil. This semester I kind of slacked off a little bit, I think I got a taste of senioritis. As some of you may know I decided to take a semester off, so I won't be going back to finish school until next Spring. I was really upset about this at first because I am so close to being finished! Only two semesters of student teaching left. However after talking it over with my advisor and the head of the department of my college, we decided my due date is at the most inconvenient time and that it would be better to hold off a semester. Maybe it will be good to have a little break (I don't really think so but I'm trying to stay positive). Anyway I am glad that this semester is done and that I can relax and have a really fun summer!!

I am sorry this is a very long post. A couple more things though. Quinn and I found out we are getting a house! We are super excited to have one, although the whole process of paperwork and inspections and repairs and money spending is pretty annoying. We should close by the end of May so it's coming up fast! We had been house hunting for the past several months and kept striking out. Everything we liked was sold like hours after we looked, and some even sold while we were at the house. There were a few we loved but were outbid, and then we kind of stumbled onto this one. It's cute and small, something definitely in our price range, and we both liked it. We weren't knocked off our feet by how much we loved it, but put an offer on it anyway. The next day we found out they accepted our offer, and the more we see it the more we love it!

Ok one more thing, I want to give a little shout out to my wonderful husband on his birthday! Talk about an all around great guy!! Quinn is amazing.

He is dang good looking
He's extremely smart and great working with his hands
He is a worthy priesthood holder and has a quiet but unwavering testimony
He tells me I am beautiful at least 20 times every single day
He is the ultimate gentleman
He's great with kids (the Norris' refer to him as the favorite uncle) and he is going to be the best dad!
Whenever I'm feeling bad about myself or feel like I've been wronged by someone and I want to vent/gossip he sets me straight and reminds me of our Savior and how He would think/act

Those are just a few things that are great about Quinn. Am I lucky or what! Happy birthday Sweetheart, I love you so much and always will!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well I debated waiting to blog about my exciting news, and it only took me a minute to realize that all the people who probably read my blog already know! So for anyone who happens to stumble over this who hasn't heard...I'M PREGNANT!! Quinn and I are both very excited! I am only 5 weeks along (I think) so my potential due date is November 9th. I have my first appointment with the doctor in about a month :). The best part is that my little baby will have so many friends! My cousin Sarah had a baby girl in February, and my sister Tiffany had twin girls just last week, my sister in law Lucia is having a little boy at the end of June, and my cousin Kelsey is pregnant, due about three weeks before me! So so exciting!! I don't have any actual pictures to post, but according to the week by week pregnancy chart my baby looks like this...
I think it looks like a little pea pod! I'm sure it's a cute little pea pod. Haha I mean when you look at the genes it's getting, how could it not be? :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

I am sorry I forgot to mention another friend for our baby! I don't know how I didn't mention him because he is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen...Stevie! Our friends Brennon and DeAwna in Payson had him in January. Again I can't describe how excited I am for all these little guys, especially for my own!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This past weekend we went on a camping trip. We had been wanting to go for a while, but our schedules were a little crazy and it never worked out. Anyway we decided to go up to four peaks on Friday. We didn't go very far up because I didn't want to be cold :). It was so much fun! Just the two of us and our dog Abby.

Blogger is having issues and I can't seem to put these pictures in order. They're actually kind of backwards - oh well!

This is Saturday morning when Quinn made his specialty, eggs! He added some steak and onions too. They were really yummy!

I just thought Abby looked really funny in this picture, half asleep.

We warmed our feet by the fire while I read Harry Potter out loud. We were also eating some delicious foil dinners.

Obviously these pictures are going backwards! I made Quinn pose for everything. He looks pretty gangster here! Ha

Arizona sunsets are the best. So beautiful!

Call me gross, but I love puppy kisses! Abby loves to give them so we're pretty much perfect together :)

She loves to follow me around everywhere, so every time I sat down she would climb right up and sit like a lap dog. She's a little big for that so it was funny to watch.

I love this guy! Spending the weekend together just made me love him even more.

Camping. No mirrors, and no one cares!

Our little campsite. A big thanks to everyone who gave us all our camping gear for our wedding and for Christmas!

We shot some clay pigeons with Quinn's shot gun. I can't see very well with my right eye so it made it a little more tricky to shoot. I tried it left handed too, but I wasn't very successful either way. I think the ratio to pigeons I actually hit was maybe 1 in 5 haha.

Quinn looks pretty studly in my opinion :). His shooting was much better than mine.

While we were shooting, Abby didn't really want to be around so she went exploring. After we were done I went looking for but she didn't come when I called (which is very unusual for her!). Finally I found her, and when she was running over to me I saw her tongue was cut and blood was dripping everywhere. It seemed like she just cut the tip of it on a cactus or something, but then later Quinn checked her out again and we found some cactus needles stuck to the roof of her mouth. It looked like she had a huge spider sitting in her mouth. Quinn grabbed pliers and she was actually very cooperative while he took them out. She didn't mess with the cactus after that!

I can't wait till we go again because we had a blast. If you are a camper and want to join us, let us know! We realized we're kind of loners when we couldn't think of any friends we had to come with us haha.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Year One

So we made it! Married one year as of last Friday. Looking back I wouldn't change a thing. Quinn and I have had so much fun together! I only wish I would have taken more pictures of all the cool stuff we did :).

Here are some things I have learned from Quinn in our first 365 days of eternity together...

- To always do things right the first time. It looks better, lasts longer, and saves time.
- Not to get offended so easily. Every time I tell Quinn about someone or something that really bugs/offends me, he is pretty good at helping me see the other side of things. Sometimes it gets annoying if I just want to vent, but in the end I'm glad he does it.
- Keep things clean and organized! Quinn keeps everything very neat. I wouldn't call myself a slob, but I've definitely been able to learn that taking extra time to make things neat is worth it!
- Laugh! Quinn can turn anything semi-funny to hilarious just by laughing. If you've heard his laugh you know what I'm talking about!
- To forgive and forget. Everybody has disagreements, but sometimes ya gotta swallow your pride, apologize, and let it go. Quinn is pretty dang good at it! I'm getting better too :)

Hopefully the coming year will be just as great as the last!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Changes

The past week has involved a couple big changes in our lives! First, we moved out of our apartment and in with my parents. I am going to miss our first home together, but I'm just glad I have a wonderful family that will let us move in with them (and that Quinn and I are both happy to live with!). I took a few pictures of our apartment before we left so I would remember it :).

We also got a new dog! I had been begging and begging Quinn to get a puppy, but he said he wouldn't let me until we were in a house. I found a dog I thought would be perfect for us, and the day we moved in with my parents we went and got her.

Her name is Abby, and she a Queensland Heeler. She's already a year and a half old, but when we got her she was already spayed, up to date on all of her shots, microchipped, and potty trained! Her previous owners had six dogs and couldn't handle all of them, so they gave Abby to us for free.

We are the third owners she's had, and we think her first owners beat her as a puppy, She's pretty skittish when it comes to new people, especially men (although she's already getting better). She warmed up to me really quickly, and is practically my shadow wherever we go. Of course I love it, it's always fun being the favorite! She is extremely obedient, and we've already had a lot of fun jogging together and playing ball.

This morning we went to a mock Race for the Cure run that Mesa High's volleyball coach organizes every year. Quinn and I took Abby and we had a lot of fun.

Here is Abby playing ball before the race

She did great in the race too. I'm so happy we found her!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I just wanted to share a song with everyone that was written especially for me a couple years ago by my friend RJ Watson - it is hilarious! I will give a warning though, the song is about my booty! :)